26th Apr2015


After a long and unintended break from Toy making I have been busily sewing and sculpting away in the last few weeks in order to bring some new and interesting things to ToyCon this weekend.

I shared a booth with the delectable Tom of Colossal Miniatures and had an awesome day meeting other makers and chatting to people about monsters and robots.

Here’s a few of the things I brought with me.

Mini Plushie Monsters, 5 different designs of miniature plushies, made of high quality mohair fur fabric with hand painted resin faces.

From a pool of despair come the Drouwgs! Hand painted resin creatures, I made 8 of each design and each varies slightly in the paint work.

And here’s a few Moogs!

I’ll be listing my remaining stock on my etsy store in the next few days.

23rd Oct2014


Hello, it’s been a while. Not much has been happening on the hollowShells front for a bit since I moved house and have been living amongst chaos and dust while I fix the place up. It’s almost over and there are lots of new monsters in the mill. Follow me on Instagram for updates.

08th Feb2014

$25 Sculpture Commissions!

From Monday February 10th, I’m having a 1 month sculpture commissions sale! Check the above image and my Instagram (#lunchbreaksculpture) or Facebook for examples and see the rules below.


For $25 you will receive a complete sculpture, typically less than 3 inches tall, made in polymer clay, painted in acrylics and sealed. Standard postage to anywhere in the world is included in the price.

I will sculpt anything you want based on either drawn or photographic reference you provide, a written description, or something I’ve already sculpted and posted on the internet.

Orders need to be placed by March 10th and may take up to 28 days to be completed.

Email me at info@hollowShells.co.uk or through facebook/etsy for any further info or to make an order! For orders placed by email I’ll send you a paypal invoice, if you can’t use paypal but really want a sculpture, email me and we’ll figure something out.

A Deposit or full payment must be made in advance and the sculpture will only be shipped once I receive full payment.

The $25 offer does not extend to any plush or resin creations though I am always happy to take on commissions for these for a price that can be negotiated (generally starting around $75).

06th Dec2013

Give the gift of fluffy grumpiness this Christmas!

There’s some new Moogs up in the HollowShells Shop this week in some awesome new furs, I love this fuzzy little guy ^^^

Don’t forget there’s still a few Moon Moogs left over at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff And Purple Yowls in the Clutter Online Shop

10th Oct2013

Bringing you grumpiness & contempt from across the Galaxy!

I’m super happy to announce the arrival of these tiny, grumpy, interstellar monsters! It’s been a stitching marathon but I have these 2 new Moon Moogs coming up for release exclusively at New York Comic Con.

These little guys are about 6″ tall, made of super soft faux fur and felt and feature resin faces cast from brand new sculpts. Limited to 6 of each design and priced at $95 each, available only at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff (Booth Z16)

This Grumpy little space yowl is 8″ tall, in purple fur with a resin head and horns painted in iridescent acrylics. Limited to 7 pieces, $80 each available from the Clutter Booth (504)

Follow me on Instagram to see a few process pics of making these monsters :)