26th Apr2015


by HollowShells

After a long and unintended break from Toy making I have been busily sewing and sculpting away in the last few weeks in order to bring some new and interesting things to ToyCon this weekend.

I shared a booth with the delectable Tom of Colossal Miniatures and had an awesome day meeting other makers and chatting to people about monsters and robots.

Here’s a few of the things I brought with me.

Mini Plushie Monsters, 5 different designs of miniature plushies, made of high quality mohair fur fabric with hand painted resin faces.

From a pool of despair come the Drouwgs! Hand painted resin creatures, I made 8 of each design and each varies slightly in the paint work.

And here’s a few Moogs!

I’ll be listing my remaining stock on my etsy store in the next few days.


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