Originally hailing from Coventry in the UK, I am now a London based artist and model maker working across a range of media. Mostly prosthetics by day and plush and resin toys and puppets by night.

I like Monsters and Robots the most (though owls and chameleons and anything with tentacles are high up the list), I make each piece from original designs, patterns and sculptures, although I have customized the odd vinyl toy. Each piece is painstakingly finished and carries its own individual character.

Visit the Hollow Shells Etsy Store to see all the little beasties currently available.

Also Here and Here

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  • M

    Hey! Just wanted to say I like your Hollow Shells. Super creative. Also nice box design. Do you use polymer clay? I’m starting to get into sculpting too and it is a lot of fun. Keep up the creative work and thanks for the inspiration.

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