08th Jun2013

Lunch Break Sculpture

This is something I’ve been posting to my Facebook and Instagram recently. Teeny little character sculptures that I complete within my lunch hour. Each one is just 2-3cm tall. I’ve not had much in the way of lunchbreaks in the last couple of weeks but there are more to come, follow me!

24th Mar2013

Stroll Moog

I recently modified my Moog pattern a little to make this interpretation of the SpankyStokes.com stroll which is a design that really sort of lends itself to what I do.

I love how he turned out, I sculpted him a set of horns which painted up really nicely his eye and teeth are polymer clay. I debated trimming his moustache to show off his mouth a little more but decided it might look a little weird since his fur is less dense than furs I usually use. My favourite bit is his squishy little felt toes :)

19th Mar2013

Al’s Anvil

I have recently been inspired by my lovely friend Al, quitting his job in order to become a sculptor. He is sculpting and blogging about it on a daily basis and in the spirit of his ‘sculpt at least one head a day’ mantra, I sculpted the above face on Sunday afternoon.
It was not meant to be quite so humanoid but I guess this is what happens when you don’t sketch or make any kind of plan, monsters are just not forthcoming :)

This is unlikely to be a daily or even weekly thing, though I did manage to quickly sculpt this little guy at the end of my lunch break today, so who knows.

12th Feb2013

Monkey Gone To Heaven for Art In The Groove

Here’s my submission for the upcoming ‘Art in the Groove’ exhibition where artist were sent Vinyl LPs and asked to paint something on it inspired by a song. I picked ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ by the Pixies.

22nd Jan2013

Mega Moogs!

Headed to the Store this week are these big fluffy beauties! I’ve had some longer furs around for ages that I’ve wanted to use but are too long for regular size Moogs so I scaled up the pattern a little and here are the results.

They are super fluffy and really really soft made in synthetic fur and felt. The faces are cast in resin and painted by hand. The darker one has polymer clay claws and resin horns, the lighter one has squishy, felt fingers. Both have weighted feet and stand almost 9 inches tall.

Keep an eye on the store because I am also listing several new regular size Moogs this week plus badges and the remaining few Grey Yowls from the batch I made for the Clutter table at the Designer Toy Awards.