07th Mar2012

HollowShells Badges in the shop!

Don’t ask me why but I own a badge maker so I knocked up a few sets of Hollow Shells badges (or buttons to you ‘mericans, right?) so now you too can accessorize your life with these funky little pieces of err..nihilism…

They are 1″ in diameter and feature 3 different designs, though You can have one for free with the purchase of any creature from the Hollow Shells store

04th Mar2012


This has been in the pipeline for weeks, I finally got a delivery of woven tags which will be stitched into the seams of all Moogs and other creatures to come from Hollow Shells.

18th Feb2012

Custom Bub for I <3 Munny Show

I bought this mini bub toy a while back and wasn’t sure what to do with it until I saw that the Rusted Nail Gallery in Arizona had a call for artists for a valentine themed show. I made a little furry cowl to keep it themed along side my general Hollow Shells thing, the horns and ‘love worms’ are resin and I hand painted the design on to his front. I definitely want to do some more custom vinyl toys, this was a really fun project.

Here’s the shot from the gallery.

03rd Feb2012

Moog Galleries

I’ve set up some Moog Galleries of old and new photos on Deviantart and Flickr

I ate your skin


13th Jan2012

Wolf Moog

I think this is my most favourite Moog so far. He’s made from a faux arctic wolf fur which I cut so all the dark colours make up the main body of the moog, the light colours ended up on his arms and butt.

This is also the first Moog to carry a Hollow Shells woven tag.