07th Dec2011

New Moogs For Sale

I’ve been listing some new Moogs on Etsy recently, click the images to go see! :)

30th May2011

Siberian Moog

I just listed this guy on Etsy. He came out way chubbier than expected because the fur is so dense (it is also extra soft). I also tried something a little different with the paint job on the horns and face, I think it makes him look a little rugged, despite the fact he is the softest and chubbiest monster I have made so far :) .

14th May2011

Another Furly Moog

I finally finished another furly Moog, this time with Bunny ears. He’s listed on etsy here.

20th Mar2011


I completed a couple of new Moogs today after a bit of a gap due to long hours at my actual job and the issues with getting the faces for new ones finished. These guys are made of a dense green fur and have green faces which AJB says reminds him of MossMan>>>

So MossMoogs it is. I’ll list them on etsy this week sometime,
In other Moog news, the delectable J Monster featured them on her awesome monster blog www.ionlylikemonsters.com, thanks J Monster!

02nd Mar2011

Furly Moog

Just thought I’d post this here since he was on Etsy so briefly. AJB dubbed him Furly on account of the curly fur.

I have a few more Moogs in progress that I need to cast and paint faces for, hopefully they’ll be done next week.